Butterfly Vegan Bakery

 Healthy is Tasty!  is what we believe at Butterfly Vegan Bakery

“Our goal is to show everyone HEALTHY desserts are TASTY!” 

Butterfly Vegan Bakery is a cottage food operation and was founded in 2013 in Davis to promote vegan, healthy, low-fat desserts. 

Square Tomatoes Fair TableAll Butterfly Vegan’s 
Home-Made cookies, muffins, pies and cakes are healthy, super low-fat, low-sugar, oil-free, butter-free, whole some and made with unrefined sugar, and natural sweeteners (no cane sugar or white sugar). We have a variety of healthy desserts; more than 25 kinds of cookies and cake bars, and over 10 kinds of muffins and pies. Enjoy the taste of home-made desserts!

Gluten Free versions of all our products are also available at different prices, except cinnamon rolls.

We are so proud to say that our products are now available at Davis Food Co-op. Please check the Co-op’s bakery table to find our fresh cookies, rolls and muffins.

Your Custom Orders are welcome! We will also be happy to cater your small parties! There’s a minimum order of 12 for All cookies and 6 for muffins, cake bars and rolls. 

We also have a weekly or monthly cookie delivery service. Please check Cookie Club for more information.

We have a bicycle delivery! We deliver any orders for FREE in Davis.

All our packages are biodegradable and recyclable. Please contact us if you need more information.

We at Butterfly Vegan Bakery are committed to satisfy your Healthy Desire with the Tastiest Desserts. Thanks for choosing us!